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College Commits


First Last Grad Year Winter Team NCAA Commitment
Tessa Demain 2024 St. Pauls School Boston University
Tammy Zhu 2023 Phillips Exeter Academy Amherst College
Carlisle Brush 2023 St. Marks School Amherst College
Caroline Lilley 2023 Cushing Academy Assumpton College
Julia Pellerin 2023 New Hampton School Boston College
Jansen Lucas 2023 New Hampton School Boston College
Shauna Vadeboncoeur 2023 Phillips Exeter Academy Brown University
Maria Pierce 2023 Brooks School Colby College
Sophia Hausberger 2023 New Hampton School Merrimack College
Bree Ricker 2023 St. Pauls School Norwich University
Grace Joscelyn 2023 Lawrence Academy Norwich University
Lilli Bills 2023 New Hampton School Plattsburgh State
Danielle Longuemare 2023 Portsmouth-Abbey Plattsburgh State
Lucie Legro 2023 New Hampton School University of Maine
Julia Cabral 2023 Berwick Academy University of New Hampshire
Isa Healey 2023 New Hampton School Williams College
Shea Frost 2022 Cushing Academy Boston College
Jade Iginla 2022 RINK Kelowna Brown University
Grace Caligiuri 2022 Deerfield Academy Colby College
Joanne Tattersall 2022 New Hampton School Colby College
Casey Chesner 2022 New Hampton School Connecticut College
Hannah McLeod 2022 St. Marks School Connecticut College
Ava Doyle 2022 Cushing Academy Curry College
Maura Fiorenza 2022 Governors Academy Dartmouth College
Sophie Gregory 2022 Cushing Academy Elmira College
Cammi Ahern 2022 Westminster School Endicott College
Lilly Truchon 2022 St. Pauls School Hamilton College
Rachel Neyman 2022 Phillips Academy, Andover Middlebury College
Emma McLean 2022 Pomfret School Plattsburgh State
Kailey Smith 2022 Cushing Academy Sacred Heart University
Lucie Turcotte 2022 Kimball Union Academy Stonehill College
Liv Tuffy 2022 New Hampton School Stonehill College
Ava Gosnell 2022 New Hampton School Trinity College
Emma Robertson 2022 New Hampton School Trinity College
Kelly Harty 2022 Governors Academy University of New Hampshire
Samantha Galanek 2022 St. Marks School Wesleyan University
Madison Michals 2021 St. Marks School Holy Cross
Courtney Colarullo 2021 New Hampton School University of Maine
Kaleigh Laurendeau 2021 Gunnery School University of New England
Sydney Correa 2021 Brooks School University of Vermont
Bella Burghart 2020 New Hampton School Bowdoin College
Anna Sheldon 2020 New Hampton School Brown University
Klara Jandusikova 2020 Vermont Academy Colby College
Kristyna Kaltounkova 2020 Vermont Academy Colgate University
Lauren Fraser 2020 Governors Academy Colgate University
Quin Healy 2020 Brooks School Endicott College
Taze Thompson 2020 New Hampton School Harvard University
Molly Elmore 2020 Masco High School Sacred Heart University