Collegiate Prospect Combine
CPC Players Enjoy Success at the NEPSAC Tournament

As the NEPSAC postseason tournament unfolded, the athletes of the Collegiate Prospect Combine (CPC) took to center stage. CPC had a total of 30 players who made it to the Prep School finals. 24 of those 30 players were crowned champions. Even with players scattered across various teams and divisions, CPC’s fall training sessions were an integral part of preparing these ladies for success.

In the Elite 8, Nobles emerged victorious, with the help of CPC players, this win put the final touches on an undefeated season. Meanwhile, in the battle for the Dorothy Howard Small School Championship, multiple CPC players from New Hampton School and Groton School went head to head.  New Hampton ultimately emerged as the champions in a tightly contested 2-1 game.  In the Patsy Odden Large School Championship, BB&N rose to the occasion, securing the title with a stellar performance that showcased the talent and depth of CPC players.

With the NEPSAC season coming to a close, we look ahead to the fall when players will begin the CPC 10-week training program to gear them up for the season.